BOTB - Guidelines and Rules of the Competition

Please note that this is a work in progress!

Please continue to refer to BritishTennis.net's rules until this is complete.

I will be building this up over time and will take this message out when it is done.

Most of what's below is self-explanatory but if fever you need the info, you should find it below. Drop me a line if you find that something's not clear or fully explained or covered at all!

The Entry Process Guidelines

Timer and Deadline

At the very top just beneath the main heading of the entry form, you should see a timer, ticking away similar to a clock. It should show you your date and time. Just below is will be shown the deadline set for the running tournament.

If the deadline is far enough from the present time, it should be displayed in green. If it's nearing the deadline, it should be yellow. Finally, it should be in red if the timer passes the deadline. Submitting the entry form once the timer is in the red will not be successful. So, be sure to keep an eye on it!

Personal Information

This is a set of details associated with you that should stay the same for each BOTBr so if you login, you won't need to fill this out every time!

- Username: Enter a username so that you can be uniquely identified!

- Email: Enter an email as a secondary identifier. I won't give it out to any 3rd party or use it for any purpose other than BOTBr. I won't be soliciting you with notifications of upcoming BOTBr competitions either (even if you might want it).

- Password: Optional. This can come in handy if you expect to make changes to your picks for a running tournament. By entering the username/email/password combo at the login page, you'll be able to retrieve your picks and make any changes as long as the deadline has not passed.

- Site/Team: This is required because the whole idea behind BOTB (Battle of the bBards) is to promote competition between forums/boards as well as between individuals, hence the 'Teams League' and 'Team KO' side competitions!

- Country/Age/Gender: Optional. These are only to make the competitions more interesting to see which age groups come out on top, whether guys or gals get to take home the bragging rights, and to see what nations are more tennis-savy than others!

Making the Picks

Under the "1st Round" Heading of the bracket, you'll have all the players who've made the main draw.

- To the left of each of their names, you'll find the following symbols:

1 through 32 = Top 32 Seeds

Q = Qualifier

W = Wildcard entry

L = Lucky loser

- = regular entry into the draw

- To the right of their names, you'll find radio buttons.

- Indicate the player you expect to win a given by selecting the radio button next to his name.

- The selection can be made by either clicking with the mouse or from a combination of using the 'TAB' key and the up/down arrows of the keyboard or by other means.

- Select all your predicted winners until the "remaining picks to make" (at the bottom of the form) is at '0'.

The Buttons and Remaining Picks

At the bottom of the Entry Form you should see a set of buttons and an indication of the # of picks yet to be made to complete you entry form.

- Picks to Make: As mentioned above, when the entry form loads, you'll have the total number of picks you need to make at the bottom of the page. It'll be either 127 (for a 128-player draw), 63 (for a regular 64-player draw) or in the case of BYEs being awarded to higher seeds in certain tournaments, you may have even less picks to make. Each time you select a winner from a match that has no pre-selected winner, you should see that number decrease until it hits 0. Changing winners should not alter that number.

- If you ever need to reset your picks so that you can begin anew, you may click on the "Reset Picks Only" button and it should bring the bracket to its initial state (when the page was loaded). This cannot be undone!

- If you want all fields (personal information and picks) to be cleared and to start filling the form from scratch, you may click on the "Reset All" button. This also cannot be undone!

- The "Quick Pick" button will instantly fill the 'Picks' portion of the Entry Form (thereby making all the selections for you) that follows a simple format: the winner for each match will be the player that is further away from the center line of the next match. In other words, going from top to bottom of each round, the winners will be 1st player, 2nd player, 1st player, and so on.

Submitting the Entry Form

Once you believe that all the required fields have been filled and that all the picks have been selected, you can click on the "Submit Entry Form" button. You may do so at any time, but if any required fields are not filled (or filled properly) or if all picks have not been made, the problem areas should be highlighted in black and you should be informed of what still remains to be done.

How the Points are Awarded